Bix Beiderbecke – This Month’s Featured Musician

From Bix: Man & Legend by Richard M. Sudhalter & Philip R. Evans

It seemed a good, lasting existence, one of hammocks under shady trees and long summer evenings on the veranda, the clip-clop of the family buggy giving slowly way to the cough and sputter of the gasoline engine.  Change, certainly, was in the air; Bix and Aggie [Bix’s father and mother] were aware of it, accepted its inevitability secure and confident they could watch it come, live with it and adpt to it, all the while able to retain what they found good and warm in the ast.  What they could never have suspected was that one of their own children would become the embodiment of another sort of change – one so dramatic and abrupt as to shatter the very coherence of so well-ordered a universe.